This is your co-pilot speaking. 

Want to do good work but don't know where to start? Tag me in and get ready for a creative strategy session that will be your ticket to world domination (not the scary kind, of course). 

When you fly with me, there are no middle seats (and no turbulence). Just the first-class experience you deserve.

Claire is easily one of the best professional resources I’ve encountered, and I’ve returned for her services again and again. Whether editing, vision building, or creative brainstorming, Claire is able to take the tiniest crumbs of my ideas and build them into a meal. I honestly can’t endorse her enough.
— Sierra DeMulder, poet and author

Fly With Me

ONE WAY - $75

Get your ONE WAY ticket and I'm yours for one 1-hour session. 


We've got a bit more ground to cover. When you book a ROUND TRIP ticket, you'll get two 1-hour sessions. 


Want to go around the world? Book a MULTI-CITY ticket and get four 1-hour sessions. 

Everyone needs a go-to person when it’s time to expand their vision, solve a problem, or get deeper clarity on what they are doing. Claire has been that go-to for me throughout the last five years. She will stay in your corner and push you to new levels daily.
— Hannah Brencher, author, TED speaker, and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters

Want to try before you fly? Book a complimentary 15-minute call with me.

Way better than peanuts, right?

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