Pocket Glitter is a [weekly/bimonthly] newsletter that might include my thoughts on things like:

  • Daisy Jones & The Six and how there’s no truth in memory.

  • Killing Eve, Fleabag, and what I think Phoebe Waller-Bridge is saying about a “normal life” and why we all want one.

  • The struggle to find the exact shade of burgundy nail polish Brit Marling wore during The OA season 2.

  • My love of the Pocket app.

  • Where you cannot get truffle fries in New York City anymore (RIP Burke in the Box).

It will be random. It will be fun.

It will hopefully make you squint-cry at your phone in a dimly lit P.F. Chang’s, which is what happened last year when I read someone else’s newsletter.

The bar is simultaneously very high and nonexistent. You can subscribe here.


TWLOHA: Years ago, while sitting in the Amsterdam airport, I sent a fever-dream of an email to my then-coworkers at TWLOHA explaining how we could/should get into the podcast game. Although I left the team in 2016 to work for myself, I’ve continued to consult for TWLOHA. In 2018, I provided editorial support and direction for Season 1 of the To Write Love on Her Arms podcast, and I’m currently working with them on Season 2. You can listen here.

Just Break Up: I met Sierra DeMulder while working for TWLOHA. It was a determined business woman recognize determine business woman situation, and we’ve had a long-distance friendship ever since. Sierra is one of the co-hosts of Just Break Up, the podcast with all the relationship advice you don’t want to hear. We’ve been dreaming of ways to work together for five years and we finally found it. I’ve joined Team JBU as their Business Development Manager. A better way to describe my role? Helping them become your new favorite, can’t-miss podcast.

Baby A Productions: Stay tuned for more on this!


The dream from day one has always been write (and sell) novels. I’ve opened the Word and Google Docs, written the outlines, and am slowly making progress on what I hope will be someone’s favorite novel.


This is one of those I-can’t-believe-I’m-going-to-attempt-this projects. You know, they’re the ones you are wildly unqualified for and might want to put off for another, say, five or ten years.

I don’t have that kind of time to waste so I’m getting started on this dream now. Ideally I’ll finish my first one by Spring 2020 and have my first project optioned sometime in 2021.

And the best part? This also counts as practice for, if (when?!) the time comes, adapting my own books.


Because I am not an heiress and have to provide for myself the old fashioned way, I’m taking on a small number of projects that help me pay my rent and support my X habit. If you’re looking for a writer or editor or want to talk to someone (me) about taking your creative project to the next level, you can reach me here or via my Contact page.