If Game of Thrones were real, you’d make it.
— Alex Jones, graphic designer

Photo credit goes to Jennie Armstrong, who snapped this photo on the very first day of our california road trip earlier this year.

Photo credit goes to Jennie Armstrong, who snapped this photo on the very first day of our california road trip earlier this year.

Every odyssey starts with an origin story. Here's a bit of mine: 

I've worked with more than 125 writers, traveled to 10 countries (so far), and written hundreds of articles for sites like Marie Claire, MTV Act, MTV News, Upworthy, and TWLOHA. When I'm not working, I spend most of my time tweeting about feminism, convincing myself that I’d make a great secret agent, and wondering if Shonda Rhimes would like me. I'm obsessed with the intersection of pop culture and social justice and the use of technology to foster connection in the digital age. One of my former coworkers bestowed the title of "Director of Vacations" upon me, and I think it's pretty accurate. 

If you're going places, I want to help you get there.

p.s. - Want to see some examples of my work? Shoot me an email, and I'll send over the goods.


Claire retains the authentic voice of the author, then elevates their communication to a new level. Her passion for communicating with excellence and natural empathy make her a joy to work with.
— Jessica Morris, author and TWLOHA contributor

Looking for my professional bio? It's all yours. 

Soon after graduating early (and at the top of her class) from Louisiana State University, Claire accepted a position in New York City working for a joint startup between American Express and vente-privee. While there, Claire worked as a brand ambassador and community manager. After leaving New York, Claire landed a job writing about pop culture and activism for MTV, where she put her skills to the test by writing hundreds of articles for a global audience. She spent her years with MTV interviewing and writing about celebrities, CEOs, and activists who dedicated their lives to changing the world. 

Claire was later recruited by To Write Love on Her Arms, one of the nation's leading mental health nonprofits, and has served as their Editor for the past two and a half years. During her time with TWLOHA, she has worked with more than 125 writers and helped manage the organization's 2.1 million followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

Most recently, Claire completed a prestigious fellowship with Upworthy, the fastest-growing media company in the world

Claire is in her element when she can tweet, talk, and laugh about the things that inspire people to take action. Her endgame is simple: to help good people tell better stories.