If Game of Thrones were real, you’d make it.
— Alex Jones, graphic designer

Claire is the storyteller you want behind any project you’re trying to build out. She’s able to take the bits and pieces that are on your wish list and put together the completed puzzle of a digital presence you’d always imagined. Her experience working with digital brands, writing copy and understanding the inner workings of online strategy will help you move forward on the right foot. It also helps that she’s the most empathetic motivator throughout any process!
— Vivian Nunez, digital media strategist and founder of Too Damn Young

Claire Biggs created and helped design our website. From the first consultation to the present she has been extremely responsive to any question and comment. She offered great advice on design and function throughout the process. A very self-directed, talented worker, she was able to take our direction and execute without the usual hand-holding.

I would highly recommend Claire, she is bright, enthusiastic and able to meet any deadline. Our site has generated so much more interest and I am constantly in contact with clients and potential clients. While the work she did was high quality the price was very affordable. I would highly recommend her!
— DC Flynt, MACH FLYNT, Inc.

Everyone needs a go-to person when it’s time to expand their vision, solve a problem, or get deeper clarity on what they are doing. Claire has been that go-to for me throughout the last five years. She will stay in your corner and push you to new levels daily.
— Hannah Brencher, TED speaker, author, and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters

Claire is easily one of the best professional resources I’ve encountered, and I’ve returned for her services again and again. Whether editing, vision building, or creative brainstorming, Claire is able to take the tiniest crumbs of my ideas and build them into a meal. I honestly can’t endorse her enough.
— Sierra DeMulder, poet and author

Claire is a powerhouse when it comes to writing. She’s your best choice.
— Meggie Royer, poet and author

Claire retains the authentic voice of the author, then elevates their communication to a new level. Her passion for communicating with excellence and natural empathy make her a joy to work with.
— Jessica Morris, author and TWLOHA contributor